Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Sometimes you hear a concept mentioned so often it starts to lose its value and even relevance to your life. To us, financial planning is the process by which we help you put your money into the context of who you are and what you want your life to be. Do you dream of retiring early? Of travelling the world? Of starting a business?

Financial planning allows us to quantify your needs and goals and is, by definition, a process. We view it as a living, breathing thing that evolves alongside you. Planning not only helps inform your investment objectives, but it also gives us the ability to advocate on your behalf while you live your life.

It’s our job to listen and help you navigate such things as:

» Prioritizing Goals – How do you want to spend your time? Which goals are needs vs. wants? Tips for downsizing in retirement.

» Clarifying the Big Picture – What does everything look like together? Are you saving enough? Childrens education, real estate, insurance, health care, the list goes on. We will ensure you keep your focus.

» Retirement Planning - Planning for retirement and transitioning to generating your own paycheck.

» Your Will - Working with an attorney to make sure your assets are properly titled and will be passed on to the people and/or organizations you wish.

» Planning for Fluctuations - Understanding how both controllable and uncontrollable variables will affect your long-term cash flow such as lower market returns, a health event or spending more now. Find out about healthcare costs in retirement.

The result is a clear picture of what you want your future to be and a roadmap to get there. There are many different flavors of financial planning and everyone’s approach is a little different. The most important thing is for you to work with someone who listens first, and gives advice second. Someone who is invested in helping you find your own definition of financial success.

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