Life Transitions

Life Transitions

Whether it’s anticipated or not, a major life transition can be disruptive. You are inevitably facing a mix of emotions while making potentially new and critical financial decisions. We will help you adjust to your new reality by gathering information, determining your needs and talking through the various financial scenarios before implementing financial planning and investment management strategies.

Attorneys, CPAs, mortgage brokers…they’re our friends. We’ll help you connect with the professional resources you need so that you can navigate forward with confidence. The good news? There’s little we haven’t seen and we will always listen with an objective ear.

Moving forward we know some of our clients will have to deal with significant new opportunites and set backs. Here is how we treat some of those:

» Getting Married - We can assist you and your new partner onto solid ground moving forward, ensuring your joint goals are achievable and make sound financial sense.

» Changing Careers - We will help you adjust to the new situation and ensure your portfolio is fully considered. There may be choices that you have to make at the time which will be explained thoroughly to ensure you get the best outcome.

» Divorce - This process by its nature will often take an emotional toll and may cloud your ability to think through the various financial implications of separating assets. We will ensure you fully understand your position in terms of assets, tax and alimony. Additionally, if the changes affect your portfolio we will guide you through any necessary changes.

» Approaching Retirement - Usually a great time to consider how to spend your hard earned and invested capital. Although a new house or a cruise may be high on the wish list, we will certainly be talking to you about longer term plans that will provide both growth and income to support you comfortably for many years to come.

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