Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Construction

The goal is simple: construct a globally diversified portfolio based upon your appetite for risk and need for return.

To accomplish this goal, our investment team developed a strategy to optimize risk-adjusted returns using a diverse group of global asset classes.  The team forecasts returns for each asset class quarterly or when the market environment dictates.  The team then produces a set of asset allocation options that we believe will provide the highest return for the level of risk each investor is willing to take.

Depending on your risk tolerance, an optimized portfolio may include the following asset classes: U.S. Large Cap Stocks, U.S. Mid Cap Stocks, U.S. Small Cap Stocks, International Stocks, Emerging Market Stocks, Real Estate, U.S. Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bonds, High Yield Bonds, and Government Bonds.

Depending on the amount of your investable assets, your portfolio may be constructed using some or all of the following investment vehicles:

» Exchange Traded Funds
» Individual Stocks (Large Cap Growth or Large Cap Dividend Growth)
» Individual Bonds (Corporate, Government and Municipal)

When it comes to implementing our investment strategy, we’re sensitive to things like realizing capital gains or losses, any moral conflicts you may have with certain companies and holdings you may want to keep because a loved one gave them to you.  Part of our process is to explain the changes we’re making so you are both comfortable with and knowledgeable about your portfolio.

From there, we keep an eye on your portfolio and will rebalance when your life changes or market conditions shift.

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